Digital marketing has not only changed the marketing concept and economy of foreign countries but, it is gradually and strongly planting its feet in Cameroon. Cameroonians are gaining more knowledge as far as digital marketing is concerned and fast changing from traditional to digital marketing thanks to the pioneer digital marketing institute; AdMeUp Digital Academy.

This academy have been existing for more than 5 years and have trained a good number of professionals in this field who are out there making the difference, changing the economy and changing lives. This academy certifies its students with a diploma – PDDM [Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing] internationally recognized and accepted worldwide as a result of its partnership with the most renowned Digital Marketing Institute in the world – DMI Ireland which provides the digital marketing syllabus and expertise.

The academy provides services to its students via professionals in the field. After the training [theory], its officials equally embark on a practical exercise with the students in an attempt to make them more familiar with the digital marketing tools. As the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”. As a result of its professionalism and the change brought to the economy by its trained professionals, the government of Cameroon is overwhelmed by such improvement and decides to embark on this journey with Ada.

Thus, the government via the Ministry of Youths and Civic Education has come into partnership with Ada to trained Cameroon youths in Digital Marketing so as to have a growing prosperous economy. With this partnership, more professionals will be trained, more businesses will evolve, more development/investment undertaken, more gain obtain and more economy growth in Cameroon.

Seeing how our economy is changing and the business world changing as a whole, every person and business have to go digital and enjoy the benefits of technological innovations every day.

“Ignoring online [digital] marketing is like opening a business and telling no one”. Thus, no matter what kind of business you do; [small, medium or big] do it, run it, manage it alongside an online store be it; social media, email, website, blogging, digital display, seo or mobile strive to have an online account for your business. You will enjoy the technological benefits.

This is how the change begins, this is how the marketing concept of Cameroon is changing, and this is how the economy is growing. It all starts with Ada – AdMeUp Digital Academy.

AdMeUp Digital Academy Powering the Digital Revolution

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