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The unfolding Business and economic landscape of the world today in which everything is progressively being linked to each other in an ever complex manner, «THE INTERNET OF THINGS», generating an impossibly immense data – «BIG DATA», it is very clear that the understanding of this new internet revolution would tremendously effect businesses and life. This, inevitably constitutes a big challenge for marketers to exploit digital tools in order to foster business and stay on top.
Statistics show that 67% job roles of marketers are expected to change in the next 4 years, and 70% of marketers are struggling to reinvent themselves in the digital space, while companies need to hire more digital talents to excel in today’s competitive digital economy. Furthermore our personal findings show that in the Francophone Africa, from Senegal to the Democratic Republic of Congo passing through the fast growing COTE D’IVOIRE, just to name this few, there isn’t any structure that offers digital marketing courses.
We humbly think, a DIGITAL ACADEMY like ADA, is born at the right time and at the right place with a visibly great opportunity to maximize its Shareholders’ value. Our Mission is to empower Businesses, organizations, governments, students and the marketers of Africa with the right tools for economic and marketing emergence in the digital world.
Our Vision is to become the most worthy Digital Marketing training facility in AFRICA.
We welcome you as our esteemed students, and you have the opportunity to become a shareholder of Admeup Digital Academy.

Our team


Njung epse Ngi Nicholine

Dean of Studies and Lecturer


Sandra Kien Mofor

Manager - Search Marketing


Steve Kountchou Wafo

Manager - Analytics

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