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    • Professional Certification in Digital Marketing
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    • Wide varieties of opportunities on Digital Marketing.
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    Guefack Lucie: Chief Sales Officer

    “Quand j’ai pris conscience du challenge actuel dans le numérique, j’ai décidé d’embarquer dans le bateau du digital avec Ada. Depuis lors, je suis complètement transformée !!! J’ai acquis plusieurs réflexes dans le numérique et pour couronner, le poste nouvellement acquis m’a convaincu que c’est la formation qu’il me fallait pour booster ma carrière.”

    Guefack Lucie: Chief Sales Officer / ADA.

    Joyceline Bih: Professional Digital Marketer

    “Becoming a Professional Digital Marketer is the best decision I made… regrets. The world is fast moving from analog to digital, making it a small marketplace to engulf with any form of business. I have gained skills in enhancing any business within the digital space. Join me in this new quest and enjoy”

    Joyceline Bih: Professional Digital Marketer / ADA.

    Dongmo Dorice: Digital Marketer

    “J‘ai voyagé dans le monde du digital. J’ai compris que nous ne devons plus vivre sans les connaissances en numérique et surtout en Marketing Digital”

    Dongmo Dorice: Digital Marketer / ADA.

    T.Miranda Teze: Digital Marketer

    “Digital Marketing lightens the work load and enlarges the smile. It brightens each day as your business grows every day. Go digital with all you do and reap the benefits of technology while lying in your couch. Digital Marketing is the best career I never dreamt of but here I am living the goods of it. Thank you Ada…..”

    T.Miranda Teze: Digital Marketer / ADA.

    Zemoh Yannick Tangmo: Digital Marketer

    “The 21st century is witnessing the greatest revolution the world has ever known “the Digital Revolution” and it is interesting to know that digital marketing sits at the center. I couldn’t dream any bigger. Catch the Digital Train with me. It’s better now than later. Think Digital, Go Ada.”

    Zemoh Yannick Tangmo: Digital Marketer / ADA.