Dramatically increase ROI and career performance, confidently drive and deliver digital marketing strategies and campaigns beyond boardroom level.

The Postgraduate Diploma is perfect for both digital or traditional marketers looking to validate their skills with a globally recognized certification. This practitioner-led programme is delivered by high-caliber digital marketing experts equipped with the most up-to-date tools, trends, and practical insights within the industry.

Module Overview

General: Introduction

The Digital Marketing Institute’s Postgraduate Diploma delivers the framework and tools needed to meet the challenges of our economy today – and tomorrow. The course contains six streams

6 Modules: Communications & Consumer

Implement a well-considered process of selecting and developing the best digital strategy. Learn how to address the complexities of planning and become familiar with the concept of strategic management and reporting.

10 Modules: Social Media Marketing

Learn how to be part of the social conversation and positively influence it to build brand credibility and growth. Understand how to monitor, analyse, manage and evaluate social media marketing efforts.

10 Modules: Search Marketing

Gain all the skills you need to build effective search marketing campaigns. Develop an intricate knowledge of all search disciplines from SEO to PPC advertising and analytics.

4 Modules: Mobile Marketing

Develop the technical knowledge and skills needed to build and maintain an effective mobile marketing strategy. Learn how you can optimize your application for mobile devices to secure maximum conversions.

4 Modules: Ecommerce & Email

The General stream includes the following modules: Digital Display Advertising, E-Commerce, Email Marketing and User focused web design.

Module 7: Engagement

Learn how to manage large prospects and client bases with minimal effort. Discover engagement techniques and learn how to handle sales objections throughout the customer journey.

5 Modules: Digital Strategy & Planning

Plan, budget and resource digital marketing campaigns. Everything from budgeting, personnel selection and analytics, to reputation management and social customer service.

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