Ad.Me.Up DIGITAL CENTRE LTD, is the Subsidiary of Ad.Me.Up DIGITAL ACADEMY LLC. In Rwanda.

Our vision : We aim to transform the youths of  Rwanda into highly skilled digital marketing, Communication and advertising experts and offer them the opportunity to create value and begin earning revenue from all over the globe directly from their homes within 4 months after their training.

Our Mission : Provide the greatest and most sort-after global training in digital Marketing  (The DMI international Certification in digital marketing) to persons and businesses in Rwanda.


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  • Discover the Professional in you.
  • A Wide range of Career Options.
  • Better Salary Packages.
  • Embark your own Career.
  • Flexible.
  • Skills Deployment .
  • Exhibit Creativity.

Required Skills, If you’ve got it, bring it!

100% / Digital marketing Specialist

100% Digital Advertising

100% / SEO expert

100% / Social media strategist

50% / Web designer

Our Values

We believe when smart, creative, passionate people get together, the results can be outstanding and the career opportunities limitless.


In professional life, intelligence is a central quality. And people with this asset have features that you can adopt.

Focused and Creative

Creative people do not participate in monotony. So much so that they will often seek to overcome obstacles or limitations. Barriers do not really exist for creative people. Instead, they see them as opportunities for growth and success.

Passionate online digital marketing training

Some professional activities are experienced as both a job and a passion Digital marketing is more fun than you can imagine, going well beyond the simple remunerative function.

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