Learn how to make more sales faster and easier using social selling techniques. Increase sales performance by up to 400% by adopting digital and social selling tools.

This course is ideal for inside or outside sales people, consultants and sales representatives of all levels, business development executives and managers, account managers, relationship managers and those leading sales teams, or anyone looking to develop their digital sales capabilities.

Module Overview


Module 1: Introduction

Understand the concept of social selling, how it has transformed the sales process, and how you can leverage advanced tools and techniques to become a prolific digital seller.

Module 2: Digital Research

Using social intelligence and social listening, you will learn how to monitor online interactions, read digital behavior and discover commonalities to later personalize your engagement.

Module 3: Sales Enablement

Discover how digital tools and social media platforms can facilitate relevant sales messages and content, making it easier to later offer the right solutions, to the right client, at the right time.

Module 4: CRM

Gain a solid understanding of the major concepts and applications of CRM and Social Collaboration and how those concepts align to core activities in the sales process.

Module 5: Social Content

Learn how to use a variety of content creation tools that assist with the complete content creation process, from researching topics, to creating text and graphics, and proofing and editing your content.

Module 6: Digital Sales Messaging

Learn how to strategically craft communications to ensure all contact with clients are relevant, personalized and aligned with their personal or business objectives.

Module 7: Engagement

Learn how to manage large prospects and client bases with minimal effort. Discover engagement techniques and learn how to handle sales objections throughout the customer journey.

Module 8: Social Account Management

Establish Key Performance Metrics that relate to the measurement of your social customer service. Leverage results to increase efficiency and assess opportunities that benefit your efforts.

Module 9: Digital Sales Leadership

Explore how you can implement effective communication strategies to keep employees motivated and accountable for their individual digital & social selling strategies.

Module 10: Integration & Strategy

Conduct an all-inclusive analysis, identifying information such as key trends in geos and top prospects. Leverage this insight to determine your selling goals and objectives.

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