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Masters in Digital Marketing - Admeup Digital Academy

Join an exclusive network of highly recognized specialists by gaining the most advanced qualification in digital marketing.

Upon successful completion of the MSc Digital Marketing Masters, awarded by the University of Salford, Manchester, you will be recognized as a digital expert who implements and oversees advanced digital strategies at the most senior levels of an organization.

Module Overview

Module 1: Introduction

The specialist level of knowledge you develop will place you among the top digital marketing professionals in the industry. There are two stages to the MSc Digital Marketing. The taught stage provides you with essential knowledge and skills in a number of key digital areas. The taught stage is approximately 14 months and the research stage 10 months.

Module 2: Communications & Consumer

Implement a well-considered process of selecting and developing the best digital strategy. Learn how to address the complexities of planning and become familiar with the concept of strategic management, C-Level analysis and reporting.

Module 3: Social Media Marketing

Join the social conversation and positively influence it to build brand credibility and growth. Effectively monitor, analyse and manage your social media marketing efforts for campaign success using key social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Module 4: Search Marketing

Build powerful search marketing campaigns that convert. Students will gain an intricate knowledge of all search disciplines from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and analytics.

Module 5: Ecommerce & Email

Delve into the additional areas of digital including Display, Email, E-commerce and User-Centered Design. Gain the knowledge required to plan, budget and resource compelling campaigns across Digital, Email and e-Commerce.

Module 6: Mobile Marketing

Gain a clear understanding of the mobile marketing landscape including: segmentation of audiences, campaign optimization, Mobile Apps & Games, Messaging and Mobile Advertising. Utilize the full value of advertising across the mobile purchasing cycle to effectively target audiences and maximize conversions.

Module 7: Strategy and Planning

Gain a comprehensive understanding of digital strategy and planning (including Internet of Things, data visualizations and benchmarking) and its context alongside traditional communication channels. Develop a robust digital marketing strategy for your organisation that will stand up to the scrutiny of board-level decision making.

Module 8: Marketing & Services

The Marketing and Services Management module will equip you with the skills necessary for planning, organizing and managing strategic marketing departments within a variety of local and international organizations.

Module 9: Digital Innovation

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset with our Digital Innovation module. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of digital business concepts, disruptive and innovative technologies and how to analyze and present data for success. The Digital Innovation module will allow you to recognize and leverage emerging digital concepts for implementation in your work and an awareness of the best practice surrounding these trends.

Module 10: Business Innovation

Developed in partnership with the University of Salford, the second stage of the Master’s program focuses on the development of your Business Innovation Project. This allows you to research and explore your chosen digital area of focus and refine your analytical skills.

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