Do you want to be a business owner?

You want to know the process to start a small business This article will lead you down the process of starting a new, small business.This article is centered on showing you how to begin a business in a simple way, allowing time to focus on it wholly and make the business a success with as […]

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Le bitcoin, une plaie pour la planète?

Une étude pointe la forte consommation électrique du bitcoin. A elle seule, elle pourrait mettre à mal les accords de Paris. Info ou intox ? Le bitcoin peut-il dérégler le thermostat de la planète ? Aussi incroyable que cela paraisse, certains chercheurs de l’Université d’Hawaii pensent que oui. Leurs travaux viennent d’être publiés dans la […]

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October 29th is Internet Day

On October 29th, we celebrate the most important invention in human history. While the internet may not have been possible without a million other monumental inventions that came before it, it’s hard to find any other invention that has had such a monumental impact on mankind. That’s why, since October 29, 2005, we’ve been celebrating […]

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Facebook Announces New Measures to Crackdown on Stolen Content and False Information

As Facebook has repeatedly stated, it’s not a media company, which is why it really doesn’t want to get into the practice of removing fake news reports and content – essentially an editorial function. But Facebookwants to clean up its platform to ensure the best possible user practice andexperience, while also diminishing the potential of […]

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5 Types of Content that Convert on Social Media

Here is an irrefutable fact about social media content – you want to post social media content that converts. Regardless of what your business is, the ultimate goal of any social media activity is to move customers closer to conversion- purchase. To that end, it’s critical for social media managers to identify what works in […]

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Apply for AppsAfrica Innovation Awards

Africa Tech Summit Startups have been invited to apply for the fourth annual AppsAfrica Innovation Awards, which celebrate the best in mobile and tech from across Africa. The AppsAfrica Innovation Awards, which also aims to showcase the continent’s most innovative ventures, provides winners with industry recognition, global publicity, more so networking opportunities with over 300 […]

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Meet the Cameroonian startup creating a social network for Africa

The social networking and messaging space may well be dominated by global giants like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram, but Cameroonian startup Dikalo wants to take the giants on, with its localised Africa-specific social communications platform. Dikalo offers a messaging platform connecting friends, but also enables users to chat with strangers by sharing a unique code […]

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Digital marketing has not only changed the marketing concept and economy of foreign countries but, it is gradually and strongly planting its feet in Cameroon. Cameroonians are gaining more knowledge as far as digital marketing is concerned and fast changing from traditional to digital marketing thanks to the pioneer digital marketing institute; AdMeUp Digital Academy. […]

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Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing Which One Is Better?

What’s the divergence between traditional marketing and digital marketing, and why it matters? The answers may surprise you. Many businesses struggle with deciding which kind of marketing to do, because their budget will only stretch to one or the other, not both. The decisions that must be made are not easy: Which method of marketing […]

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A brief history of technology

Technological progress is not the only thing rising at an exponential rate. The rate at which newly commercialized technologies get adopted by consumers is also getting faster, too. In the modern world, through increased connectivity, instant communication, and established infrastructure systems, new ideas and products can spread at speeds never seen before – and this […]

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