HOW CONTENT MARKETING PRACTICE HELPS YOUR BUSINESS.   The concept of content marketing practice which helps in your business has been a practice that has  been around for hundreds of years.  And the discipline has gained wonderful popularity since 2007, according to Google Trend. Content marketing is a strategic marketing way focused on creating and […]

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Email Marketing as a Business Tool Email marketing has been utilized shortly after the birth of the Internet. It has evolved considerably since then and is still an incredibly useful marketing tool. It is a softer way to educate your audience on the value of your brand or keep them engaged, it can also be […]

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The Importance Of Digital Marketing in Hospitable Sector

  The Importance Of Digital Marketing in Hospitable Sector.   What is digital marketing in hospitable sector. Digital marketing in hospitable sectors is coined as hospitality industry segment  which works on the basic principle of serving others and to look after their customer. The hotel industry is one of the fastest growing industries due to […]

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Since the rise and boom of Facebook in 2012, social media has become the home of many. People tend to use social media platforms 24/7 for various reasons. As a result of this, many other social media platforms have evolved such as; Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Skype, etc. With all these, social media has […]

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Waymo Launches Self Driving Car Service Waymo One

Waymo, the former Google self-driving project owned by parent company Alphabet, is launching a commercial robotaxi service in the Phoenix area Dubbed Waymo One, this milestone for the company and nascent self-driving technology industry comes with caveats. The Waymo One self-driving car service, and accompanying app, won’t be available to just anyone. And for now, […]

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Do you want to be a business owner?

You want to know the process to start a small business This article will lead you down the process of starting a new, small business.This article is centered on showing you how to begin a business in a simple way, allowing time to focus on it wholly and make the business a success with as […]

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Le bitcoin, une plaie pour la planète?

Une étude pointe la forte consommation électrique du bitcoin. A elle seule, elle pourrait mettre à mal les accords de Paris. Info ou intox ? Le bitcoin peut-il dérégler le thermostat de la planète ? Aussi incroyable que cela paraisse, certains chercheurs de l’Université d’Hawaii pensent que oui. Leurs travaux viennent d’être publiés dans la […]

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October 29th is Internet Day

On October 29th, we celebrate the most important invention in human history. While the internet may not have been possible without a million other monumental inventions that came before it, it’s hard to find any other invention that has had such a monumental impact on mankind. That’s why, since October 29, 2005, we’ve been celebrating […]

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